Cabinets, Racks & Accessories

The Seaberry Data Centre solutions is a fully managed eco system providing active and passive life support for mission critical IT equipment. We developed multiple types of solution to meet the needs of every IT infrastructure, from single rack communication rooms to large data centres.

Data Centre Solutions

Racks, Cabinets & Accessories provide the rack components of Seaberry Data Centre Solutions

Data Centres
Complete Turnkey data centre solutions from design through to support created in client buildings.

Mini Data Centres
Single Rack data centre with all infrastructure components within a single enclosure.

Modular Data Centres
A modular room with power and cooling for multiple racks or large system components.

ISO Data Centres
ISO Containerised data centre solutions for high density loads and mobile applications.

Data Centre POD’s
Aisle containment POD solutions for new or existing data centres.

Data Centre Components
Component products to enhance existing non solutions.

Data Centre Manager
A state-of-the-art, remote or local management, monitoring and alarm system for controlling:

  • System configuration and management
  • Personnel Access
  • High capacity cooling
  • Environmental Conditions
  • PowerManagement, Metering & Recording

  • Easy to configure and manage but highly versatile and adaptable, allowing local operation or remote control via a network.
Every solution can offer :
  • Advanced environmental and power management software
  • High density cooling system
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Traditional or modular
  • A main power distribution unit (PDU)
  • Power & data cable routing
  • State-of-the-art rack enclosure
  • Monitored, high density power distribution strips
  • Physical infrastructure support services
  • Fire protection, lighting, physical security, access control
  • Comprehensive service and support

Server Cabinet

Standard for Universal Server Cabinets

The Seaberry Server Cabinet provides the perfect environment for universal housing of 19-inch servers.

Its elegant appearance coupled with high-tech features and unparalleled cooling capabilities make it the ideal solution for leading edge infrastructure.

Benefits & Features

  • Will accommodate all 19-inch rack mountable servers
  • International mounting posts enable rapid and simple server installation, with mixed server depth solutions
  • Exceptional cooling for high power densities
  • Extensive cable entry through multiple cable glands in roof Exceptional base access
  • Quick-Change fan tray option (combines with all cable entry features)
  • Optional; overhead, cabinet mounted Cable Raceway simplifies cable infrastructure (no more ceiling hung cable tray)
  • Optional; RAFt frame, replaces floor tile, providing maximum cable entry, speeds and simplifies installation (no more tilecutting)
  • RAFt provides simple stabilisation of cabinet A robust rack for high loads
  • Easy access with 180°/270° opening doors and wardrobe
  • door options for narrow aisles
  • High security
  • CannonGuard electronic upgrades available
Standard Specification
  • Six heights: 25U, 33U, 42U, 45U, 47U, 52U
  • Two widths: 600mm or 800mm
  • Three depths: 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
  • Four infinitely adjustable 19-inch mounting posts allowing universal server mounting - double fixings throughout and double height depth members provide a robust structure Two drop-in ribbed and lockable side panels
  • All doors open 180º when bayed and 270º at end of bay or when stand-alone
  • Quick-Release hinges on all doors
  • Multiple moulded finger cable entry glands in roof Maximum cable access through base. Four transit castors fitted Quick Change fan tray compatible
Air flow control
Blank inserts are available to replace cable glands in the roof, to ensure airflow passes front to back through cabinet in critical situations.
Powder painted Velvet Black to RAL 9005 or Chameleon (Grey White) to RAL 9002. Other colours available on request.
Technical information
  • Load rating: 1000kg static (sited directly on floor)

Space Cabinets

Cabinet with Sliding and Removable Side Panels - when bayed in rows

A unique cabinet with sliding/removable side panels, when bayed within rows.

Panel Options are:
  • Narrow Partition Panels usually in sliding pairs, to open or close side acess
  • Full Depth Sliding Panels for zero side access
The Fundamentals
In some older, outdated rack designs, totally removable side panels in high density applications, badly reduce the efficiency of cold air flow within the rack and allow hot air to be scavenged from the rear to the front of the ‘IT’ equipment, destroying the cooling effect.
When side panels are totally removed, cold air can escape wastefully and hot air finds an easy path around the sides of the ‘IT’ equipment and mixes with air entering the front of the servers, raising equipment temperatures and increasing the energy consumption of the cooling plant. Obviously bad practice, this problem can totally negate the benefits of Aisle Cocooning and is exacerbated in high power density installations.

The Solution
The Smart Space Cab offers two versions of sliding removable Partition Panels for racks bayed in rows.

Narrow Partition Panels
Used in pairs these narrow partition panels can slide fore and aft to either:
- Open cross cabling apertures between adjacent racks
- Or completely close off inter-rack side access
Importantly, cooling air flow is managed to maximum efficiency in both positions.

Full Depth Panels
Used singly (or in pairs) to achieve a permanent sideways barrier between adjacent racks. Also used as end-of-row side panels. Full depth panels also preserve Cooling Air Flow efficiently.
Full Depth Slide in/out Panel

Features and Benefits of Narrow Partition Panels
  • A full specification Server Cabinet, enhanced with sliding/ removable side panels (Narrow Partition Type).
  • Side panels slide open to allow cross-cabling apertures between single client racks, in a row, when required.
  • Alternatively, the sliding side panels can easily be adjusted to close off all side access between racks for total security.
  • The side panels can be totally removed or added to bayed racks at any time during the life of the installation.
  • Uniquely, when fitted, the side panels, in any position, maintain close proximity to the front equipment mounting posts to minimise hot air scavenging to the front cold area. Maximum
  • cooling efficiency is always maintained within the rack, in any fitted side panel configuration. No cold air is wasted. High density installations benefit substantially from this advantage. Side panels need not be removed, so separate storage of side
  • panels is a challenge which disappears.

  • Side panels can be totally removed, or not fitted, as desired.
The only rack that resolves the competing challenges of:
  • Inter rack security,
  • Cross cabling between racks
  • Cold Air/Hot Air separation within the rack for improved cooling.
Narrow Partition Panels
One in each adjacent rack, work as opposing pairs to open or close side access between racks. Always preserving Cold Air/Hot Air segregation in any position.

IP66 Wall Mounting Metal Cabinets

The Seaberry cabinets is a group of mild steel and stainless steel enclosures used to house on the inside electrical or electronic switchgear, controlgear and equipment necessary to supply and distribute electricity.
Mainly meant for industrial electrical installations as enclosures for measurement, transmission, signposting control equipment or enclosures for all the equipment necessary to coordinate the different electrical currents.
The design and manufacture of this product line is flexible enough so as to adapt to special executions that require specific dimensions in agreement with user and installation requirements. Enclosures made with high quality materials in cold-rolled steel plate of up to 2 mm thick and coated with RAL 7035 hardened epoxy-polyester paint and in stainless steel glazed finished.
This series is completed with a set of accessories like mounting plates, inner doors, canopies, elevation eyebolts, ventilation systems, etc.

Technical Data

  • degree of protection: iP66 /
    single door cabinet: iP55
    double door cabinet:
  • range of temperature under normal conditions: -25ºC/+40ºC
  • maximum operation voltage: 1000 V AC.
  • materials: Cold rolled mild steel RAL7035

Technical Features

MetaL Cabinet

Dimensions available:

  • Height: from 250 to 1,400 mm
  • Width: from 200 to 1,200 mm
  • Depth: from 150 to 400 mm

Cabinet (Metal and StainLess SteeL)

Dimensions available:
Height: from 300 to 1,000 mm
  • Width: from 200 to 800 mm
  • Depth: from 150 to 300 mm

Small Cabinet

Height: from 300 to 1,200 mm
  • Width: from 200 to 1 000 mm
  • Depth: from 150 to 300 mm

Case Doors

Double fold to prevent water from entering the inside of the cabinet

Bolts placed in the cabinet
case and in the door,
allowing the link by earth
and guaranteeing
connectivity between door
and base of cabinet

Watertightness gasket to ensure the IP66 protection degree

110º door opening

Easy to assemble bolt
with anti-lost system

Reinforcement profiles for opaque doors permitting the assembly of devices to the door. 25 mm separation between the holes
Centrering device included inside the cabinets of 600 mm and 1400 mm. This piece avoids eventual deviations caused by the weight of the electrical elements included inside the cabinets

Heat Exchanger Cabinets

Scalable, Flexible, Global

Protection against destructive weather, thermal, electrical, environmental and mechanical forces is vital to assuring the reliability and revenue-producing capability of your wireless and wireline net.

Seaberry Cabinets with Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger Cabinet(shown with open side chamber)

  1. Painted Frame (Optional)
  2. Climate System (Optional)
  3. External Battery Base (Optional)
  4. Standard Frame
  5. Standard Door
  6. Swing Handle or 1/4 Turn Lock
  7. AC Load Center (Optional)
  8. Vertical Protection (Optional)
  9. Side Chamber
  10. Cable Entry
  11. Ground Bar

Technical Specifications

Enclosure Mounting

All Enclosures

Pad mount

Single Bay Cabinets (up to two side chambers)

Pole mount

Maximum Cabinet Dimensions for Pole Bracket Kit (W x D)

30" x 25" (762 mm x 635 mm)

Maximum Cabinet Dimensions for Pole Chair Kit (W x D)

54" x 25" (1372 mm x 635 mm) and 42" x 46"(1067 mm x 1168 mm)

Equipment Mounting

Vertical Rack Spaces (standard)

8RU to 43RU - Refer to table for standard rack unit options Custom rack units can be provided upon request between 8RU and 43RUs

Hole Spacing

Standard EIA spacing; untapped holes for 12-24 thread forming hardware

Rack Widths

23" (584 mm) EIA fixed racks are standard 23" (584 mm) EIA swing rack available as option 19" (483 mm) EIA available as option

Center Mounting

Accepts standard 12" (533 mm) deep, center mount equipment (5" front, 7" rear)

Environmental Protection


Off-white, polyester powder coat

External Frame Finish

Anodized (standard); off-white, polyester powder coat (optional)

Thermal Protection

Heat Dissipation

Refer to “Climate Control Options” table on following page for details

Temperature Alarms

Temperature alarms provided with each cabinet


Available with heat exchangers and thermoelectric coolers


AC System Options

4 X 4 AC junction box, 115Vac, 60 Hz, 15 amp 8-position load center, 120/240VAC, 60 Hz, 100A 12-position load center, 120/240VAC, 60 Hz, 125A 220VAC, 15A Twist Lock Receptacle Kit 220VAC, 30A Twist Lock Receptacle Kit

Convenience Outlets (GFCI protected)

One provided in equipment chamber or side chamber

Generator Connection (optional)

30 amp and 60 amp generator inlet kits are available

Battery Compartment

Battery Options

Ventilated external battery compartment Battery Shelf (internal to cabinet) for use with 30"W x 32"D cabinets only Riser Kit – [Two stacked battery compartments, ventilated, 31-inch height (787.4 mm)]

Compatible Batteries & Amp-Hour Reserve

Supports 12 VDC front post batteries (-48VDC and +24VDC) 155Ahr FIAMM®, 155Ahr GNB, 190Ahr Enersys, 170Ahr Northstar or equivalent batteries

Battery Size Capacity

Supports Up to 22.1" (561mm) D x 4.9" (124mm) x 12.6" (316mm)

Available Area per String (external battery compartment)

13.8" H x 21.38" W x 22.98"D (351 mm x 543 mm x 584 mm)

Battery Heater Pad Kit (optional)

Thermostat control “On” at 40° F, “Off” at 60° F For use with external battery compartment and riser kit



Tamper resistant 216-type tool

Quarter-turn Cam or Latch

Hex-pin (doors and removable panels)


Tamper resistant 216-type tool

Swinghandle Cam or Latch

Hex-pin (doors)

Intrusion Alarm

Intrusion alarm with local indication and remote location options

Access Covers

Battery compartement and cable covers are only accessible when cabinet doors are open

Bonding and Grounding

Ground Bar

One 10-position, dual holed L49, copper buss, 3/16" (5 mm) thick, 1/4-20 hardware One ground bar is included in the equipment chamber for cabinets without side chamber(s)

Cable Entrance

Single Bay Cabinet(25" Dept)

(2) 3" (76 mm) cable entrance cones

Single Bay Cabinets (32" Dept)

(3) 3" (76 mm) cable entrance cones

Cabinets with Side Chambers (25" Depth)

(2) 4" (102 mm) cable entrance cones standard per side chamber

Cabinets with Side Chambers (32" Depth)

(3) 4" (102 mm) cable entrance cones standard per side chamber

Cabinets with Side Chambers (46" Depth)

Up to (4) 4" (102 mm) cable entrance cones standard per side chamber (limitations may apply; cable dressing bracket provided with protection panel kit)