The RBH ICx-RTU based on ADVANTECH Hardware Platform and ICx Gateway Platform. RTU features the power of Data acquisition, power of a PLC and communication capabilities of a Gateway / Data Concentrator device. With combined benefits of the advanced Intel / ARM / GEODE processors and ICx Interface software technologies with the proven reliability of ADVANTECH Products the RTU solution performs in the most demanding and complex monitoring / control applications.

The RBH ICx-RTU Base Models:

  • MIC-1911
    • Based On Advantech MIC-1911 Compact Hardware Platform
    • Ideally designed for Feeder Automation, Remote Site Installation and Building Management System
    • 4 Serial Ports + 2 LAN Ports + 32 DI + 32 DO + 8 AI
  • ADAM 5560
    • Based On Advantech ADAM 5560 Modular Hardware Platform
    • Ideally designed for Substation Automation, Process Automation with integrated PLC Functions
    • 4 Serial Ports + 2 LAN Ports + 7 Slots for I/O Cards
  • APAX Series
    • Based On Advantech APX Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) Hardware Platform
    • Ideally designed for Large Substation Automation with Multiple I/O requirements and distributed I/O Deployment

Redundant CPU, Redundant Power Supply, Redundant Communication allows APAX well suited for critical installation.