Scada Systems

RsS SCADA Systems (RsS) provides a robust supervisory monitoring and control platform that allows you to build a solution to meet current and future Supervisory Control & Monitoring needs. RsS provides real-time functionality for local or remote supervision, including events and alarms handling, reporting, trending as well as parameter setting.Features include:

  • Reliable data acquisition and supervisory control
  • Compliance with Industry Standard/Proprietary Protocols and
    simultaneous multiprotocol support.
  • Full graphics user interface support for all SCADA
  • Highly Flexible and performing system capable of handling thousands of alarms and SCADA information per second.
  • Integrated multidimensional tagging capability
  • History Logging with any MS SQL Server or ODBC Compliant Database
  • State-of-the-art reporting capabilities with reports can be exported into MS Excel for better viewing and analysis
  • RsS with more than 15 installations over last 2 years has proven to be reliable, stable and cost Ceffective solution